AIC Technology

Improve Engine Combustion
Economical & Greener Fleet

The New Smart AIC Technology

A Patented Invention That Facilitates Effective Engine Combustion And Relieves Engine Heat Stress.

1) Intercepts Engine Air flow

The AIC device will intercept the airflow from outside of vehicle to the air-inlet of the engine.

2) Cooling the Hot Air

The air flowing through the AIC device will be mixed with coolness harvested from the aircon coolant to produce a constant cold airflow for engine combustion.

3) Make Great Combustion

The cooler & condensed air that has more oxygen facilitates more effective engine combustion, the power source of a vehicle.


A Magic Touch
to Your Fleet

Small Add-on, Huge Benefits

  • Fuel Efficiency = Long Term Saving
  • Greater Haulage = Better Performance
  • Friendlier Emission = Green Vehicle
  • Less Heat Stress = Longer Vehicle Life

Fuel Efficiency

AIC improves fuel efficiency between the range of 10% to 30% - depending on ones style of driving and road conditions. In the long run, AIC will significantly help to reduce fleet cost which ultimately improves business profitability.

Better Haulage

AIC increases the vehicle's torque on average of 17%.
This improves the performance and boosts the haulage power of the vehicles. The driving experience will never be the same with AIC installed.


Greener Emission

Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) emission per KM travelled reduced by more than 50% with AIC;
These main contributors of air pollution are greatly reduced and thus help to provide a greener environment.


Tested & Certified

by Professional Lab & Automobile Authority

The benefits are verified by a rigorous Chassis Dyno test in collaboration with Automotive Development Centre (ADC), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and validated by SIRIM.


Kineflux Active Intercooler (AIC) TM

The intercooler is made up of 3 main components:

AIC Cooler
  • Provides the best heat conductor to transfer the energy from the air cooling system into the heat exchanger.
AIC Chamber
  • Housing for the heat exchanger & and compartment area.
  • Air flow will be directed into the compartment area for the cooling process.
AIC Connector
  • Connects the Kineflux AIC to the expansion valve.
  • Precisely designed to prevent air leakage.
Designed for all engines
  • suitable for both type of engines - petrol and diesel
  • it works for vehicles from taxis, vans, to buses, to big trucks
Easy Installation
  • AIC installation will involve 2 sections of the vehicle only, which are the air inlet of the engine and air conditioning.
  • 3 components explained in section above will be installed

An Automotive
Business Solution

Cost Saving & Asset Boosting

Custom Design for Your Fleet
  • Every organization has different type of vehicles and purposes. We at Kineflux AIC will firstly conduct a feasibility study on your needs.
  • We will then customize the right AIC to optimize the engine combustion that benefits your fleet of vehicles.
Business Case & Test
  • For large fleet that involves bigger investments, we will provide a business case with cost estimates & benefits over time.
  • For a start, we can arrange a mini project with a few selected vehicles to be fitted with our Kineflux AIC systems.
Maintenance & Warranty
  • Three years warranty for any manufacturing defects or design faults
  • Preventive maintenance packages will be available on annual basis.

Logistic Business

For logistics transport that deliver goods from one destination to another. AIC's impact is even bigger on trucks and prime movers.

A Powerful & Cheaper Fleet
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    Better Haulage : Specially designed for trucks and prime movers, Kineflux AIC provides better haulage performance with fuel efficiency.

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    Greater Saving : In addition to fuel saving, lower combustion temperature will prolong the lifetime of the engine, resulting in lower maintenance cost in the long run.

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    Green Pioneer : Differentiate yourself by being the pioneer of"Green Transporter".

Port Operation

For port operators that run in-port transportation that move containers from one station to another.

Greener & Efficient Port
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    Green Port : Differentiate yourself by being the pioneer of “Green Port".

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    Greater Saving : Specially designed for in-port prime movers, Kineflux AIC provides better fuel efficiency for greater cost saving.

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    Better haulage : Increase your haulage capacity by 10% to 20%.


Passenger Transportation

People mover : For passenger transport companies such as buses and express coaches.

A Powerful & Cheaper Fleet
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    Greater Saving : Specially designed for people movers such as busses and express coaches. Kineflux AIC provides better fuel efficiency for greater cost savings and lower maintenance.

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    Better Haulage : Better haulage performance will help to improve operation efficiency as well as provide a smoother ride.

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    Green Coaches : Differentiate yourself by being the pioneer of “Green Coaches”.

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